Money in the bin

Save money on your grocery shopping! Buy less, Waste less, Eat Better!

ThreeTomatoes is here to help you reduce the cost of your food shopping by showing you where you waste the most so you can figure out the best way to cut your waste and only buy what you really want.

By managing your shopping list and watching your waste you can reduce the amount of money you waste through buying food you don't need or eat.

Improved organisation of your shopping list helps you buy only what you want...

ThreeTomatoes helps you optimize your shopping list by :

  • Adding to it when you throw away used food items.
  • Providing online access (naturally!).
  • Send your shopping list by SMS text, Email or even print it on paper!.

Recycling is great, but not creating the rubbish in the first place is even better.

We all hate waste so reducing it is a priority, for our planet and our bank account!

Here at ThreeTomatoes watching waste is something we do.

  • When you bin (trash) some food, update your ThreeTomatoes food list and tell us how much you trashed.
  • You can then see just how wasteful you are and try to reduce this
  • If you've set the price you can even see how much money you've thrown away.
  • Buy less, Waste less!
Money in the bin

Want to find out more, browse on over to the ThreeTomatoes blog to find out more about ThreeTomatoes, particularty the Getting Started post to find out the basics, including the Dashboard view, how to manage your shopping list online, watch your budget and how to track your food usage and waste.

Not found something you want in ThreeTomatoes, check out the ThreeTomatoes UserVoice forum, we would love to hear your suggest for the website.